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My name is Satu. I come from Finland and I live and work in London since 2007. I offer Holistic massage since 2005, when I qualified from Hieronta – Akatemia in Helsinki, Finland. I continue developing my skills and knowledge in massage and more complementary ways of working with the body and healing. My learning comes through courses as well as through my own practice. Some of the modalities that I have studied and draw from are Rosen therapy, Craniosacral therapy and some energy healing modalities, including working with archangels.

I find it very satisfying to offer a service that contributes to the client’s well being and quality of life. For me, making someone’s life better – whether by easing physical discomfort of helping to heal the emotional impact from what life has brought their way – is one of the best things I could imagine doing.

Touch is very beneficial, even essential, for the well being of us human beings. In present society though, many of us are receiving all too little of it. Touch is a natural way for humans to connect with each other. It can convey safety and caring, and bring soothing that goes beyond the physical.

I believe that the intention of the giver (of touch?) is very important. It can make a (big?) difference to the experience and quality of the session and through that also influence the outcome. I often feel positive energy flowing spontaneously from me to the client, when there is a need and openness to receive that. It is not uncommon that clients also have a sense of the same.

I enjoy offering a variety of different kinds of sessions. This includes a scale from straightforward Holistic Massage, via Lomi Lomi to more complementary and intuitive ways of working with the body and what it carries.

Image of Satu
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