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About Me

My name is Satu. I come from Finland and I live and work in London since 2007. I offer Holistic massage since 2005, when I qualified. I continue developing my skills and knowledge in massage and more complementary ways of working with the body. My learning comes through courses as well as through my own practice. Some of the modalities that I have studied and draw from are Rosen therapy, Craniosacral therapy and some energy healing modalities, including working with the Archangels.

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What I Offer

Holistic Massage

Holistic massage is the traditional and trusted European way of relaxing and invigorating the body by applying pressure on the muscles. A variety of massage strokes improve circulation and metabolism. Toxins clear away and vitality improves. When your body relaxes and functions well, you also feel better.

A holistic massage session can include focus on problem areas, where there’s tension, pain or discomfort in muscles or joints. When appropriate, strong pressure can be applied on areas of muscle tension.

Hawaii’an Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi is a traditional form of massage from the Hawaii’an islands. It is an especially enjoyable massage with long, flowing rhythmical strokes. It helps your body to unwind and let any tensions melt away. Taking its inspiration from the flow and rhythm of the waves of the sea, Lomi Lomi has a special gentle and soothing quality. You may feel as if carried and held by the waves, maybe taken to an altogether different inner space and experience. The special depth of the experience and the healing that may come with it is rooted in the rich Hawaii’an spiritual tradition. From this source often comes not only inner renewal to replace stress but a profound sense of well being.

Complementary Bodywork

Many complementary healing modalities share the finding that we carry influences from past events both in our body and mind. These influences can be from emotional trauma or shock, or generally emotions that we have not been able to process at the time. These emotions and influences from the past settle in our subconscious, limiting our potential to live in this moment and be all that we can be. These are often subtle influences that make their mark over time. They can influence our character and the way we experience life. They also burden our body, impacting it’s well being and functioning. 

What Clients Say

Contact Me

I offer sessions mainly in Queensbury in North London, about 3-4 minutes walk from Queensbury tube station. Outcalls – me visiting you – may also be possible on agreement.

I charge normally £60/h. With outcalls there can be variation to this depending on journey time and number of hours offered.

You can contact me – give me a call or send a message.

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