Satu's Holistic Massage

and Complementary Bodywork

What Clients Say

Satu is a brilliant massage therapist. She’s highly skilled, and hence knows exactly what to do – and she does her work with love and sensitivity. Her intuition allows her to have an organic approach to massage, so she will respond to my needs and not stick to a rigid routine. I felt cared for and deeply nurtured by her treatment. I will definitely book a treatment with her again.
Paul Khilas

I have had a number of sessions with Satu now and with good reason! The Lomi Lomi massages I have had have been the only thing to completely relax me from my life stresses and re- energize my whole being. They have really made a significant difference to my well being and to how I feel. I know of better and more pleasurable way to relax my whole being and feel so much stress relief.
Bernard Antony

Satu creates and holds a safe, nurturing space. She approaches her healings with integrity and care. This allowed me to relax and receive the energy with ease. Since working with Satu, I have experienced a shift in my area of concern.
Jen C, energy healer

I had a Lomi Lomi Massage with Satu today. This was my first ever massage. I never knew massage could be such a wonderful experience. It was like I was taken to another space altogether. I felt just blissful. That was the best £60 I’ve spent in my life. I will definitely come back!
Mal P

Thank you for the session yesterday. The results were profound and more than I expected. A desire simply to welcome in receiving and nurturing touch – inspired by a recognition that I find receiving hard – catalysed much deeper realisations. It feels good to write about them here – to help me integrate the session.

Firstly the holding pattern of tension in my neck, was revealed to me to have origins in my heart. I felt at times during the massage, a deep and sharp physical pain there. I recalled what felt like a past life – of having relied on my faith in and love for Jesus, to take me through a terrible ordeal. And that ever since – I had carried this closely intertwined association of suffering, and love.

I found that what I carry in my neck tension was to do with belief – it went round and round in loops of “I believe I have to carry this belief, and believe I cannot put this belief down, I have the belief I have to carry this belief …” it went on and on. At first I “tried” to put it down but realised I could not do it that way.

In the end, I felt a host of angelic presence, coming to me, and surrendered to them releasing me of this burden. I saw lots of silver scissors of light cutting chords, and releasing me of this burden. Finally I felt this past life leave me and return to source.

What arose afterwards, was reorientation of my heart towards “the compass setting of joy”. I felt arise a new sense of awe in my heart, at the beauty of things. And that this would be the new compass setting and alignment of my heart – that had previously been aligned towards suffering.

Finally I regressed to and recalled in my body, a time in my childhood, when I felt clearly the presence of guides and angels, and used to turn to and commune with them daily for support. It was wonderful to be reminded of this presence that was so clear to me as a child. I shall make a practice of tuning into this realm more often.

Your touch throughout was always timely and spot on, as were the few words you channelled during the process. I enjoyed your keen intuitive abilities, combined with your ability to listen and follow my guidance. It felt a well balanced cooperation, so that I never felt you were imposing things on me, and were always well attuned with my needs. Finally I have no doubt your own connection with angelic realms facilitated such a strong healing process to occur.

Kaitlin, therapist and healer