Satu's Holistic Massage

and Complementary Bodywork

What I offer

Holistic Massage

Holistic massage is a traditional and trusted European way of relaxing and invigorating the body by applying touch and pressure. A variety of massage strokes improve circulation and metabolism. Toxins clear away and vitality improves. When your body relaxes and functions well, you also feel better.

Along with the well known physiological effects on muscles, circulation etc, receiving physical touch also has benefits in itself. Studies suggest a link between physical touch and mental well being. Lack of physical touch can contribute to low mood and depression. We human beings have a natural need to receive touch. Touch that’s offered with a caring intention is a part of massage that contributes to the well being of the recipient.

A holistic massage session is always tailored to the needs and wishes of the recipient. It can be tuned to be relaxing or invigorating. It can include focus on problem areas, where there’s tension, pain or discomfort, especially in muscles or joints. When appropriate, strong pressure can be applied to release muscle tension. A holistic massage can also be focused on the overall well being, even tailored to be a pampering treat.

Benefits of Holistic massage:

– overall relaxation

– stress relief

– better sleep

– improved mood

– energising and uplifting

– eases tension, pain and discomfort in muscles and joints

– improves circulation and metabolism

– improves suppleness

– may relieve headaches

Hawaii’an Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi is a traditional form of massage from the Hawaii’an islands. It is an especially enjoyable massage with long, flowing rhythmical strokes. It helps your body to unwind and let any tensions melt away. Taking its inspiration from the flow and rhythm of the waves of the sea, Lomi Lomi has a special gentle and soothing quality. You may feel as if carried and held by the waves, maybe taken to an altogether different inner space and experience. The special depth of the experience and the healing that may come with it is rooted in the rich Hawaii’an spiritual tradition. From this source often comes not only inner renewal to replace stress but a profound sense of well being.

Lomi Lomi is great as a pampering treat. It can also help you let go of even long held burdens and stresses. Thus regular sessions can become a journey into a happier you.

Complementary Bodywork

Many complementary healing modalities share the understanding that we carry influences from past events both in our bodyand mind. These influences can be from shock or trauma, or generally emotions that we have not been able to process at the time.

These emotions and influences from the past settle in our subconscious, limiting our potential to live in this moment and be all that we can be. These often subtle influences make their mark over time. They can shape our character and the way we experience life. They also burden our body, impacting it’s well being and functioning. This can show for example as a recurring or persistent pattern of tension in the body. Gradually these influences can also contribute to illness.

When there’s a tendency to develop tension or ailment repeatedly in the same area, there may be such past influence at work. This is especially likely when a physical cause can’t be diagnosed. For best results it is often beneficial to address both the current discomfort and also look for an underlying cause for it. Addressing and clearing the deeper root of a recurring pattern of tension can lead to permanent relief from that tension and it’s consequences, including any pain or discomfort that it may have created.

Unburdening our body and being from tnegative influences of the past can be a very rewarding journey. It can bring new freedom of expression and being as well as renewed vitality. Life acquires more colour and depth. More joy and creativity may also appear as your inner being finds more space to express itselfand blossom.

When working to clear past imprints that are held in the body, tuning in with the body is central. The process may bring to the surface emotions, memories or thoughts that are connected with what the body holds.

Typical elements that a Complementary Bodywork session with me can include are:

– gentle touch and holding of various areas in the body. Staying in contact with an area can help to bring awareness to what is held there.

– applying stronger pressure on an area for an extended time to connect with what is held and bring it to awareness.

– deeper breath techniques, to bring relaxation and awareness to the whole body or a specific area and to connect with, clear and release what is held.

– healing energy and working with intention, as appropriate for the session.

My Complementary Bodywork sessions vary in terms of experience. Sometimes it is clear what is being released in terms of emotion and where it comes from. Other times there is a limited sense of this or perhaps just a sense of more inner space and freedom. Or you might just notice that a habitual tension pattern has disappeared. And often there’s a beautiful spiritual feeling or a general feeling of loveliness and peace.

If you come with a specific emotional or personal theme, I would like to hear about it and about your experience. Talking can be an important part of or a starting point for a session and it will help me to find the best way to work with your theme. Talking about what you feel and what is happening can also be helpful while working with the body, both as a form of co-operation and in expressing what is discovered.

It is important for me to not impose my views or approach. Therefore doing this work needs to be based on mutual understanding and agreement. I’m open to hear your thoughts and questions, and to share mine.

This approach works well as a session in itself. It also combines well with Holistic Massage, continuing from Holistic Massage into a deeper exploration when needed. Or we could complete a Holistic Massage session with a moment that can feel like a gentle blessing.

Sometimes a single Complementary Bodywork session can bring a freeing or a shift that opens new possibilities in life, or facilitates leaving an emotional or physical burden. This work can also become a journey of great value to your life. I hope you say yes to my invitation to free more of your potential and to bring more wonder into your life!

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